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Darkslider – Portal by Misspelled Records

On August 1st the new album by Darkslider, Portal: The Series, will be officially released, but beginning already Tuesday May 22 you have a chance to pre-order the album on Bandcamp. This pre-release features a taste of the full album and gives you the opportunity to experience the music before its official launch which will be available later on in July. As well as the tracks it will also include photographic artwork taken directly by Darkslider as well. 

10 tracks in total for a minimum of only $2.00 

Please support us and tell your friends 

Go to: darkslider.bandcamp.com or misspelledrecords.bandcamp.com 

Our new homepage: darkslider.eu5.org 

This collection of 10 tracks is not a best of, neither is it a collection of rare tracks or so called out-takes. Rather, it is a presentation of a symphonic soundtrack (like a movie). Songs evoking space like anthems, and psychedelic ambiance. 

These tracks fit together like a long piece of music, but each track is different but mixes into each other. 

01 Portal (Part 1) 

02 Portal (Part 2) 

03 Portal (Part 3) 

04 Portal (Part 4) 

05 Portal (Part 5) 

06 Portal (Part 6) 

07 Portal (Part 7) 

08 Portal (Part 8) 

09 Portal (Part 9) 

10 Portal (Part 10)


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