Submissions wanted for New Compilation

In order to celebrate 7 years of dedication to free dark ambient and in-between electronic music and the 150th output of Misspelled Records I’m planning to release another compilation (such as Weapons 7 Gadgets).

Demo submission for this compilation is now open to everybody interested in and making dark / experimental / non commercial / ambient / noise electronic music. No matter if you are totally unknown or already well established in the scene. If I like what comes through my speakers I will offer your track a slot in this new compilation.

You can now send me your 320 kbps MP3 demo, WAV or Flac to or submit via the website with compilation in the title

Here are the rules :
– Compilation will be available for free download, as usual on Misspelled Records, in 320kbps MP3 and Flac.
– This will be released under Creative Commons license.
– Track duration : as short or long as you like
– 100% homemade stuff only: No stolen samples from other underground artists, no illegal commercial remixes.
– You can submit more than 1 track but please do not exceed 3 tracks.
– Demo submission is open NOW! Deadline for sending your demo is set to November 1st.
– Selected tracks and artists will be revealed after this deadline.
– If everything works well the compilation should be out before or in Devember.