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I’m so enormously tired
Of putting out this fire
I don’t wanna exhaust it
But I don’t think I could
Everyday I get so mad
Alarms blaring, sirens cook me up
Since I can’t cut somebody else
I wanna hurt myself
Boiling blood behind my skin
Flash of lightening within
And the burningest pain of all
Is the release I never win
Ooooh I wanna sin
(So maybe YOU can give in, soft love)
Put your hands above your head
Lay your feet out low
Lock your gentle eyes in mine
And feel my burning rage inside
I’m so obsessed with my mind
I need to unhinge what has been unhinged
And grind you up inside
I beg you
Bless me with a kiss
Soothe my unruly heart I need this
The only center I can’t see the end of
The only angel I can tie me up with
While untying myself
You let me unravel my unwrappedness
While you wrap me up in yourself
My heart needs your blood
Hands so tight around your heart
My voice around your center
Hold so tight to let go
So tight to let go
So tight to let go
So tight to let go
So tight to let go
So tight to let go
So tight to let go
So tight to let go
So tight
I’m losin my heavy head on radio
Same as losin my heavy heart in vacuo
Anybody hear me I said I can’t hear anybody
Anyone was near me they’d say they can’t see anybody
(but you can still hear me)
I don’t want you to feel this cold
But I know it’s the only way
Cuz your soft hot breath
Is gonna melt me all away
So often I burn up
Limbs on fire with violent hate
So frustrated trying to explain it
And you can’t translate (for me)
If I did what the hammer head wanted
I’d surely lose everything I’ve got
And so I turn to you, sweet one
Just let me feel that warm sun (you’ve got)
You’re the first grunt in my alphabet, the primary primal noise
My dawn of sound each day my dream to pronounce you as mine
It’s ninety-nine percent true but oh for that one percent
I dream of giving in to you and you giving over that one percent
It’s that little bit that nobody ever gets
It can’t be gotten but it counts for everything
And I gotta keep on trying cuz that’s what keeps me going
Giving over to you my burning blood
Inside your mind, inside your heart, inside of you
I dream of a bloody, fiery, ecstatic, painful, burning, blissful morning
In which we both unleash ourselves, our hells, on each other in violent loving
Pull me up, I’ll tear you apart, I’ll push your heart in pieces through your mouth
And claim it as my own, I’ll make it my home, and I’ll never leave you alone again
So tight to let go
Soooo tight to let go
Please don’t let me go


from Disco Absurdo - L​.​O​.​W, released September 13, 2011




Misspelled Records Bangkok, Thailand

Misspelled is a platform for experimental sound artists to explore and share their ideas without limitations or boundaries.

Misspelled releases experimental electronic music across the world wide web through mostly digital format and cd releases.

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